Thursday, March 18, 2010


Pistachios lower cancer risk
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 13:33:59 GMT

New findings show that pistachios have anticarcinogenic properties and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals that might lead to cancer. 

The latest studies by German researchers suggest eating pistachios on a daily basis may reduce the risk of cancer by raising the amount of gamma-tocopherol in the body. 

The US study cited by the German Lung Foundation say pistachios are a rich source of gamma-tocopherol, the major form of vitamin E, which guards against certain cancers. 

Gamma-tocopherol has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances thought to protect cells from damage that can be caused by molecules known as free radicals. 

This protection could help prevent cancer from developing. 

Researchers gave the study's participants 68 grams of pistachios daily for four weeks in addition to their normal diet. 

The study group had a significantly higher level of gamma-tocopherol in comparison to the control group that received no pistachios.

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