Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HemeAzan (for Mobile phones)

Series 60 application that play azan (athan) 5 times a day automatically. Support all Nokia S60 3rd / 5th edition devices. Shows all prayer times in mail view. Shows current location, time and next prayer time in red color. Shows each time a name of Allah in both arabic and in English. Have configurable settings according to your faith such as. -Calculation method (Muslim world leage, Egyptian Survey etc) -Keep off time (office time etc) -Volume (1 to 10) -Day light savings (yes or no) -Day light saving date information -Additional correction if you need -Aser ration(Shafi or Hanafi) -Application hiding option 400 cities longitude and latitude information. Possibilities of having your own location if it is not in the list. Delete option if the city information you may not want to keep. Shows Kaba Sharif direction from your location exactly with arrow and angle from East or West . You can find direction exactly by using GPS enabled S60 phones. You locate the Kaba Sharif direction exactly by using this application
This application can be used to find direction near you.
For updated version visit www.hemelix.com and report feature request.
Main view of Azan

Shows your location and current time.
Shows 5 prayer times and with red color, next prayer time.
Each time shows a name of Allah and it's English meaning.
Settings view of Azan

Shows all kinds of settings that are needed according to your faith.
Lists of selectable countries

Shows around 400 cities in different countries
You can add or delete a city from the list

How to add new location and its longitude and latitude.
Get your lonitude and latitude from http://www.islamicfinder.org/
Insert your country name space and then your location and then longitude and latitude.
This location will be your current location and previous one will be deselected. If you insert new location then you need to calibrate for reference path.

Shows Kaba Sharif direction and a reference direction that you have used to find a direction

Shows a reference direction is in red line arrow, this is a line that you have walked.
Angle between your reference line and KabaSharif direction is printed on the screen also.
Place your mobile phone in such a way that red line is parallel to the reference line you walked. Now the KabaSharif direction is exactly shows in which direction you should pray.
Kaba Sharif is in the black line arrow
Text describes the different angles
More about Azan


Download to PC:
Download azan_s60_3rd_5th.sis Size: 833.29 Kb

Download via Wap:
Open m.GetJar.com with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 61370

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